dental implants

Dental Implants in Chandigarh

Dental implants are an ideal solution for replacing natural teeth, considering the important factors of form, function, and aesthetics. These implants consist of a highly advanced titanium device that is inserted into the bone where tooth replacement is desired. This device acts as a support for the crown or the artificial tooth, forming the basic concept of how dental implants work.

Due to the high biocompatibility of the implant material and the strict standards of hygiene and sterilization, dental implants are a safe, comfortable, and permanent solution for replacing single, multiple, or all teeth. Only certified implantologists place the implant systems used for these procedures.

Single & Multiple Tooth Replacement

For single-tooth replacement, a single dental implant is placed in the region of the missing tooth, followed by a crown. Multiple tooth replacement may require the placement of the same number of dental implants as the missing teeth, or a fewer number of implants. For example, replacing three teeth can be achieved using a three-unit bridge placed over two implants. In the case of replacing all teeth, implant-supported dentures or multiple-unit bridges placed over implants may be used.

There are numerous dental implant systems available today, depending on the treatment stages. Two-stage dental implants involve two stages completed over a minimum of three months, where the first stage involves placing the implant in one or two sittings, followed by the placement of the artificial tooth in the second stage. One-stage dental implants require just one stage for implant placement and crown.



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