Extractions & Surgical Intervention



Do you have a painful tooth? Or a tooth that is very mobile? In such conditions and some others we might need to remove your tooth if there are no other viable treatment alternatives. Procedures for dental are done with utmost care to ensure minimal intra-operative and post-operative pain/ discomfort. Our trained surgeons effortlessly perform the required procedure


Is your wisdom tooth troubling you? Or a badly broken/ fractured tooth with roots still stuck in the bone? our surgeons might advise a disimpaction or surgical extraction at times. Surgical extractions/ Open extraction are undertaken if it is not feasible to do a simple extraction or if the clinician considers it to be a more comfortable procedure for the patient. Such procedures may require placing cuts/ incision on the gums/gingiva. This may be followed by drilling/ guttering of bone and/ or splitting of the tooth to facilitate its removal. At times bone filing/recontouring is also done to remove the excessive bone.