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List of other Publications:-

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11.A study of electromyographic activity of masseter and temporalis muscle and maximum bite force in patients with various malocclusion. JIOS 2011

12.Orthodontics : Not merely straightening teeth. Ortho Cyber J. aug 2012

13Incidence of malocclusion in India: A review. JOHCD, jan 2012

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20.Implants in orthodontics: Apllications and complications. IJDS oct 2012

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24.Anthropology and its relation to orthodontics- part I. APOS jan 2013

25.Influence of retention grooves in acrylic resine teeth on tooth denture base : Bond strength. IJDS june 2013, Issue 2, Vol 5; 32-35.

26.Acceptance letters for various publications in national and international journals.