composite laminates

Composite Laminates are aesthetic and cosmetic restorations of front teeth with composite materials. Since technology is developing rapidly and there have been groundbreaking innovations, it is feasible to produce composites having 90% of teeth enamel characteristics. These composites are attached to the surface of the teeth with special glue for a permanent aesthetic solution on chipped or discolored front teeth veneers.

Composite laminates are of two types- Direct veneers and Indirect veneers. Direct veneers are easy to apply directly in the teeth and are less invasive. Indirect veneers, on the other hand, are custom-made in the dental laboratory or the dentist’s office. While the indirect veneers are prepared, the patient is provided temporary veneers. When fitted, the indirect veneers are applied to the teeth with the aid of adhesives. The best part is indirect laminates are resistant to fractures and abrasions. Also, they are regarded as a much better option than direct veneers. However, the cost of indirect veneers is high.

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