painless root canal

Root canal treatment in Chandigarh

Don’t fear the root canal anymore. All root canal treatment in chandigarh are performed in a single sitting of approximately 30 minutes (unless contraindicated) by our endodontist, to add more comfort and convenience to your overall treatment experience.

“Maximum dentistry in minimum visits” is the rule in our dental practice. Upto four to six root canal treatment in chandigarh can be performed in a single visit.

Clinical endodontics has undergone rapid change over the past few years. Research studies in the field of intra canal preparation, culturing, intracanal medicaments, root canal filling materials and techniques has lead to complete alteration in the concept of endodontic practice. Single visit endodontic therapy has become a common practice.

The concept of single-visit endodontic therapy is not new. Because of the expanding favorable clinical experiences and an increasing number of favorable clinical research studies. Single visit endodontics has moved away from being an empirical technique. During the past few years the single visit endodontic therapy has been accepted as a treatment procedure in certain specified problems. Use of technology like Lasers, Apex locators and endomotors has made this treatment very short,painless and successful. Latest instruments and materials like root canal sealers and irrigants etc have been introduced which help in attaining disinfection of the root canal in single sitting only. Single Sitting RCT is preferred over Multiple visit RCT saving patients time ,money and most important it is a absolutely painless procedure. It avoids the psychological trauma of going to dentist multiple times for the same procedure.The endodontist does a very small opening in the teeth for performing RCT, thus conserving a lot of healthy tooth material.

Root canal treatment (RCT) or endodontic treatment is a common procedure in dentistry. Root canal treatment is indicated if the pulp is irreversibly inflamed or in case of pulpal death caused by decay, tooth cracks or chips, or dental trauma. Traditionally RCTs are done in multiple appointments, but due to the advances in the field of endodontics it is possible to complete the same procedure in a single visit. If however, your case is not suitable to be undertaken in a single appointment, we might decide to opt for a multiple-appointment schedule. Following the Root Canal treatment, we generally build up the lost structure of the tooth with a core filling or place pin-like structures (called posts) within the canals before reinforcing them with the core filling. Following this, we usually recommend a cap or crown for the treated tooth.

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