replacement of missing teeth

Fixed Bridge

Teeth can be replaced with a fixed bridge in that part of the mouth where there are adequate numbers of teeth that are sufficiently healthy and strong to support the artificial teeth. To create a bridge, it is necessary to prepare the adjacent teeth by cutting down their sizes by removing all the enamel, thus making room for prosthetic tooth restoration. A prosthetic tooth (or teeth) can be suspended between adjacent teeth to provide a functional and cosmetic replacement for the missing tooth.

This type of treatment has a limitation that is directly linked to the irreversible preparation of the adjacent (abutment) teeth for support. As a result, the nerves in the gum area of the teeth are exposed to the risk of trauma, thus increasing the need for a root canal treatment. Long-term, fixed bridges between natural teeth have an average life expectancy of 10-12 years before requiring replacement again. Replacement of fixed bridges often entails further treatment as the abutment or supporting teeth may be compromised over time resulting in dental diseases (such as cavities, sensitive teeth, swollen gums, receding gums, bleeding gums, pain with chewing/biting, etc.)

replacement of missing teeth treatment in chandigarh


Partial or full dentures refer to removable appliances that aid to replace any missing tooth, several teeth, or all of the teeth in your upper and/or lower jaw. Dentures rely on the support of the other teeth in the jaw area (for partial dentures). On the other hand, Dentures need mechanical support of the remaining ridge of gum and the underlying bone. Maxillary (upper jaw) full dentures can also be helped by suction between the denture and the underlying gum of your palate (roof of the mouth).
There are various reasons for the replacement of a missing tooth (or teeth) but every reason should be evaluated and only then the right decision should be taken.

replacement of missing teeth treatment


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