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I had got braces from Dr Sarabjeet singh for my son who had really bad teeth with nearly all his front teeth crowded and ugly,but in just few months his teeth have become so good that it is hard to believe it and most important it has raised the confidence of my son so much that he has started participating in public activities and all of us are very happy and I am planning to get orthodontic treatment for my daughter also who is 10 years of age.Dr Sarabjeet Singh at The Perfect Smile-Dental Clinic is undoubtedly The Best Orthodontist of this region .
Posted By: Vineett Malhotra
I had just a week before my marriage and was not very happy with my smile and after meeting Dr Sarabjeet Singh with a recommendation of net and some of my relatives,I have got my smile makeover done and that too in just one sitting of less than a hour.Now I am having nearly perfect smile and that too at reasonable price and for similar procedures I was quoted a very high price in Mumbai and that was a invasive procedure.I am very happy and The Perfect Smile Dental Clinic and Dr Sarabjeet singh are great!!!! highly recommended for people who want painless treatment and that too fast.
Posted By: Sumedha Thakur
It is really of great pleasure that I chose "The Perfect Smile Dental Clinic" to do my dental needs. I realized that my face and jaw were growing asymmetrically due to Cross bite so I underwent its treatment through Dr Sarabhjeet. I was totally satisfied with the professional treatment & I did not feel any pain or discomfort over there. It was nice to know that there are such gifted people in this line of business. I would recommend this clinic 10 out 10 all the time.
Posted By: Avneet Singh
I have got braces for my daughter who is 8 years of age and in just 3-4 months there is a dramatic improvement in her teeth with all the front teeth getting aligned into a good circle.I had gone to many dentist before meeting Dr Sarabjeet Singh and everybody had told me to wait till my daughter becomes of 12 years of age or till all the milk teeth fall off,but she was getting very conscious of her irregular and prominent teeth but here I was very nicely explained the importance of doing orthodontic treatment at early age and now I am finding the improvement not only in his smile but also her confidence level and we are also feeling very happy for our child.So this misconception of that braces cannot be placed at very early or at very late age is wrong,I have seen patients of all ages ,even age above 40- 50 years getting braces from Dr Sarabjeet Singh ....Thanks doctor for treating my daughter and making her a confident girl.
Posted By: Bhanu Sareen
I had gone to many dentist for my problem of pain in jaws but it was ultimately diagnosed by Dr Sarabjeet Singh and within weeks of treatment now i am quiet relieved of my pain and discomfort .I am highly thankful to Dr Sarabjeet Singh for giving me relief of pain.I had got braces from him and undoubtedly he is the best Dentist of Chandigarh two times in a row.
Posted By: Prabhjot Gill

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