Maxine - London, UK

I was pleasantly surprised to find the international level of technology, training and dental treatment options available with Dr. Sarabjeet. I am happy that I was able to get dental treatment from Dr. Sarabjeet during my visit to India from UK. Maxine- London, UK - November 2015


Our trip to India from USA was successful. We are very happy with the dental treatment we got from Dr. Sarabjeet. "The thing that struck me the most about Dr. Sarabjeet and his practice is the professionalism and the courtesy of the staff and their obvious desire to put you at much at ease as is possible. They will bend over backwards to make one comfortable and ease their fears and just be very, very sensitive to all the little things that patients who are terrified do. They are aware of them and really try to alleviate their fears and the obvious suffering that is going on." DALLAS, TX- USA June 2014

Matt - Australia

"I really appreciated the world class dental care I received at Advanced Dental Care Center. The staff here is very friendly. They really care about you and they want to make sure you are comfortable. I am glad I got my treatment from Dr. Sarabjeet during my visit to India from Australia. Matt - Australia - December 2014

Kathrina - LA, USA

Wonderful dental work ! This is a "must visit" if you are going to India for any medical treatment. The costs are very reasonable and the expertise as good as you would find in the US. I had extensive treatment, implants and complex oral surgery and it has worked out very well. Kathrina - Las Vegas, USA, march 2015

Maria - LA, USA

My Olympic smile is back thanks to the amazing work of my dentist, Dr. Sarabjeet. He's an artist, a technician, a perfectionist and most importantly, passionate about his work. I haven't quit smiling since I left the clinic. Now I am recommending Dr. Sarabjeet to all of my friends in USA who are looking for a good dentist while visiting magical India. Maria - LA, USA, Feb 2015


I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful country of India and getting dental treatment done by Dr. Sarabjeet at his clinic at the same time. I am very happy with the final results. The entire treatment was well planned and discussed beforehand with me by Dr. Sarabjeet. The quality of her work speaks for itself. Kristina - Sweden, April 2015

Meera Verma

I am a patient of Dr. Sarabjeet Singh from USA. My case was extremely difficult and moreover I had no time. But Dr. Sarabjeet and his very professional team worked with me in the very limited time I had and made a world of a difference in my smile. And at no point did they make me feel awkward of my situation , instead he kept focused and more determined than myself to give me a beautiful smile for my wedding day. He is extremely talented and has a beautiful clinic, and to top it all off he has a very positive attitude and heart of gold. I spent a lot of time in his clinic and every single patient that entered the patient treatment area greeted him with utmost respect and Dr. Sarabjeet graciously and humbly addressed them. I strongly recommend everyone to seek treatment from Dr. Sarabjeet, no matter how simple or complicated. God bless you !! My overall experience was amazing ! Clinic was beautiful and kept neat and clean. Reviews on google helped me pick this clinic and speaking to Dr. Sarabjeet personally affirmed my decision. My first impression of Dr. Sarabjeet, I was floored by his expertise and determination to make my case a successful one."

Sandeep kaur

We had come to show by nephew to Dr Sarabjeet Singh ,he had a reverse bite and was having a great difficulty in chewing and speaking.We were explained very nicely about his problem and was adviced a simle treatment with braces and some bite plates.We were very apprehensive as a lot of dentist have told about surgery and other very difficult and expensive procedures.The clinic is very beautiful and very clean .It is highly modernized and with latest and hiteck equipment.The operatory is very hygienic and Dr Sarabjeet is very accessible for any queries and with any problems.In just 2-3 months my nephews bite has improved and definitely he had problems initially with his plates but doctor sahib took care of everything and now he is very happy.I want to thank my cousin who had got treatment from here for guiding us here.Very happy

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