Manish Gupta

I have got whitening done for my teeth,The colour of teeth have drastically changed from yellow to bright white and best part is there is no Senstivity as said by many other friends who got bleaching done at other places.The whole procedure had finished in just around one and half hours and I have been assured a free scaling and polishing for next few years as maintance...GREAT....I AM VERY HAPPY...anyway I have to move to Canada in few months and Dr Sarabjeet Singh name was recommended by my aunti from Canada,she had got multiple RCTs and crowns done from Dr Sarabjeet Singh about 3-4 years back and she is absolutely fine with her tretment.I will highly recommend Dr Sarabjeet Singh

Bhanu sareen

I have got braces for my daughter who is 8 years of age and in just 3-4 months there is a dramatic improvement in her teeth with all the front teeth getting aligned into a good circle.I had gone to many dentist before meeting Dr Sarabjeet Singh and everybody had told me to wait till my daughter becomes of 12 years of age or till all the milk teeth fall off,but she was getting very conscious of her irregular and prominent teeth but here I was very nicely explained the importance of doing orthodontic treatment at early age and now I am finding the improvement not only in his smile but also her confidence level and we are also feeling very happy for our child.So this misconception of that braces cannot be placed at very early or at very late age is wrong,I have seen patients of all ages ,even age above 40- 50 years getting braces from Dr Sarabjeet Singh ....Thanks doctor for treating my daughter and making her a confident girl.

Kavya Viz

Great facility & wonderful staff! The dentist seemed as knowledgeable, if not more, than my primary dentist in the USA. The dentist was unusually thorough, explained everything clearly, was easy to talk to and was present for the entire appointment. I was expecting to pay a premium but the cost was surprisingly inexpensive. Thank you Dr. Sarabjeet Singh.

Varun Sharma

Both my parents and I had great experiences with Dr Sarabjeet Singh and their dental service. Doctors and their staff are very qualified and gentle. Customer service is friendly; they took care of us very well. We all satisfied with this clinic. As my own experience, I would recommend Dr.Sarabjeet Singh.

Piyush Gandhi

I have got braces from Dr sarabjeet singh and now i am getting RCTs for my mother.It has been a very nice experience and here at clinic,we feel that lot of personal care given by sir.I have been coming here since last 5 years now.There is lot of rush here but the doctor somehow manages to see on time with minimum waiting.

Avneet Kaur

I have been getting braces from Dr Sarabjeet Singh and finding amazing difference in last 2 months...i am from PGIMER and here i can manage my appoitment easily with minimum waiting and with Dr Sarabjeet Singh experience of more than 20 years is a big bonus.

Jyoti Verma

It was an amazing experience, getting my dental treatment done with *THE PERFECT SMILE DENTAL CLINIC *.☺☺☺ IT'S the best dental clinic in Chandigarh. Dr. Sarabjeet Singh as well as the entire team is very cooperative and cheerful .?? I got my crooked teeth aligned just within 3months . So, if you guys have any sort of dental problem please visit to *THE PERFECT SMILE DENTAL CLINIC * in Chandigarh and bring your Perfect Smile back just within a small passage of time. ????☺☺☺☺? Thanks a lot Dr. for securing my career.☺☺☺ Good wishes to you and your entire team.☺

Gopika Bohra

I am so pleased with Dr. Sarabjeet Singh and his staff. They are such down-to-earth people happy to answer all of your questions. I highly recommend them; they made me feel so comfortable. After having my work done, I feel like I’ve got a million dollar smile!

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